How Much Coffee is Consumed all over the World

The world is rich with coffee. It is the same that man can not live without coffee. 9 out of 10 drinks coffee and 6 out of 10 are cofee addict. This is why we can say that coffee is next to water. Wine comes next. Coffee comes next to oil as the world’s top traded product in the world. Cofee deals with a lot of enjoyment. It is actually a healthy drink for us so ven if we are flooded by coffe, do not care about this.

The largest exporter of cofffee in the world comes from Columbia, Vietnam Brazil who have vast plantations of coffee. They export coffee to 150 countries in the world. Coffee industries can be one of the largest companies in the these countries. The largest importer of coffee comes from Europe such as Italy, France, Germany, USA, and Japan. In the whole world, there are about more than more than 150 million bags of coffee, that is more than 9 billion kg of coffee are being consumed annually, granted that most companies use 60 kg per bag or sack.

We can not imagine how much coffee we consume a day. This means that all people experience drinking coffee as much as they drink beverage. Coffee is life. There are more health benefits of coffee than wine and beverages. However, coffee is not a advisable for those whose stomach is acidic. It is very strong enough to destroy your stomach. It is very much helpful for us to take care of our health though coffee is good.